Wednesday, October 04, 2017

Well a lot has happened since February 6, 2009. We were off for a weekend on the boat.  I probably did not get lucky because I had not been lucky in a long time. In the fall of 2007 I was diagnosed with prostate cancer and the treatment left me impotent. I was 72 at the time and was disappointed I had a sexless future.  A couple years or so after the treatment process, I began to think I might could perform but SW (swinger Wife) was beginning to have lubrication problems due to the absence of regular sex. We continued to touch, kiss, cuddle, fondle and finger but had to eliminate fingering. I would go from very short periods of being horny to not really caring about sex.  We rationalized we had a lot more sex than most people both with just ourselves and others. It was better to be alive.
From mid-2009 until April 2015 we went about enjoying each day we had with each other.  We sold the boat and that was a sad day. We liked the couple who bought it and think she was in good hands. However I cried when I watched her sail away. We were involved with the Parrotheads and enjoyed meeting new friends. We even won tickets to as Jimmy Buffet concert in Tampa. Gave the tickets to our son and daughter and they had a very good time. Life was good. Our sunny days were spent naked by and in the pool. We traveled to see family and friends. Had a Great grandson born and a Granddaughter graduate from the same college where her mother and SW attended.

April 3, 2015 changed my life forever. SW had a surgery to correct a hiatal hernia. Because this was a second repair, she required a full abdominal opening. This went well and she was up and about the next morning and appeared on the road to recovery. Then on the fourth day she developed pneumonia and long story short from there to another upper respiratory infection, to a ventilator and downhill from there. We had promised each other we would not let the other suffer so with family present on April 22, 2015 we stopped the ventilator and she died 45 minutes later. We would have been married 59 years in November.

I continued to live alone for over a year.  My son lives about an hour away but my two daughters are a little over 600 miles. I still drive so can visit when I want too. I also check in with the grandson who has the great grandson and I spend Christmas and other holidays with them. They have added another son to the mix. I attended
I moved to a senior living apartment and have made many friends here. The thing I have observed is most relationships (among the single widow/widowers) is very distant or very close. The distant part is okay with me but I would like one or more that are a little closer. So I have reached out to a senior dating site. I have met three women I have had dates with and whom I would hope to have more dates and maybe become close friends. That is my reason for starting to write the blog again. I thought I could share this journey and if anyone reads this blog I would hope for some feedback. I already know dating for a 82 year old widower is far different than for a 20 year old college guy.

Tuesday, September 12, 2017

Returning Again

As you can see it has been 18 years since my last post. A lot has changed in that time and I will bring you up to date in the next post. Not sure there is anyone out there who remembers. This time will not be about swinging. Gave that up when we closed the blog. Stay tuned. On and I did get lucky on that sail. SW

Friday, February 06, 2009


Florida weather has returned to what Florida weather is supposed to be. We are taking the boat out tomorrow and will be gone a week. Tune in when we get back and in the mean time everyone have a great time and have lots of sex. I know I am hoping to get lucky. SH